Open Directory (h5ai, directory tar downloads)
Alternate Open Directory (nginx, faster, better uptime) [uptime]

What happened to the old

Removed it since I'm lazy and it's too much effort to keep it updated. Check the open directory instead.

Why does this site look so ugly?

Also because I'm lazy and there isn't much to put here.

The open directory is not responding.

Try the alternative web indexer here. This link should be faster to navigate and have better uptime, but does not support directory downloads. If it still doesn't work, check the uptime page to see if it is actually down. There shouldn't be much downtime other than the rare maintenance the hosting provider may have.

Will videos be taken down?

No, the server should not have issues with DMCA, but I am still iffy on public shares. Don't expect the server to be public access in the long run.

Can I share / repost / reupload / edit videos?

Yes, you can share, rehost, or use them in edits. I don't care if you credit me or not but please don’t claim them as your own. Also don’t blame me for copyright issues.

Do the videos have subtitles?

All MKV files have srt subtitles embedded in them. Rarely a video on VLive may not have subtitles immediately but they won’t be uploaded until they have them (or until there’s at least English).

What languages are the subtitles?


All videos will have English subs but may be missing one or a few of the others. Usually videos will have all of the languages.

DVD / Blu-ray

Varies but usually has at least English. Japanese releases only have Korean hardcoded subtitles.

What's the difference between ISO and MKV?

ISO is a 1:1 copy of a Blu-ray or DVD disk (after content is decrypted). It also preserves extra content such as menus. Early MKVs may be a remux which is the same content with same quality but just in a different format to be played easier. Most MKVs are re-encoded to be a smaller file size. You can check if the MKV is a remux or re-encode by just comparing file sizes, remux will be very similar to ISO sizes. These only apply to MKVs from physical media, all MKVs from online content (VLIVE+, CHANNEL+, etc) will be original quality without re-encoding.

Why aren’t subtitles showing?

Most video players (VLC, MPC-HC, PotPlayer, etc.) should be able to support soft subs, you might need to enable the subtitle track manually. Mobile devices would require a 3rd-party app (VLC, MX Player, etc.) to be able to display subtitles. If you’re viewing videos through the open directory ( in your browser, there will be no subtitles shown.

Why does it keep buffering when streaming videos?

The videos are hosted on a single server in Amsterdam 🇳🇱 with no CDN. While it does have a 1Gbps pipe on NFOrce's Class 1 network (shared with 9 other users), it depends on your network and peering. If you have constant issues with buffering, it’s best if you download the videos first before watching.

What CHANNEL+ channel videos are uploaded?

Always active channels (or renewed as needed):

Past channels (not regularly uploaded, not likely to be uploaded):

Where is x DVD?

I don’t buy all DVDs, like TWICE TV2 or Super Event DVD. Some uploads by others might be rehosted in the open directory.